Who We Are

Young Presidents Organization (YPO)is a global organization for CEO’s andpresidents of companies to network andfoster community.

YPO Next Generation (YNG) is aplatform for YPO offspring to network,learn, and engage in forum discussion, whilstkeeping the YPO mantras of confidentialityand sharing experience at the centre of whatwe do.

The beauty of YNG London is in thediversity of our amazing city, which meansour members hail from all over the globe.We currently have 250 active memberswith every continent represented. This, inturn, creates an experience like no otherin our ordinary day-to-day lives. A safeenvironment that encourages us to expandour horizons in business, going above andbeyond what we believe is possible.

What We Do

We create a highly innovative andintellectually stimulating platform centeredaround the core values of YPO. Our board ismade up of 12 members, who are in chargeof crafting unique events whilst keeping thejourney fun. This is done through YPO-onlyevents, Chapter Clubs and yearly collaborationswith the world’s leading business schools suchas Columbia, LBS and Harvard.

The YPO organisation makes the worldborderless, allowing YNGers the uniqueopportunity to meet industry leaders.Some of our YPO guest speakers in thepast have been Boris Johnson, MichelleObama and Dr. Barbara Sturm. Our primarygoal is to help the YPO Next Generationcommunity become better business menand women, with a strong work ethic andset of moral goals to help lead our future.


Forum is one of the cornerstones of the YPO experience. Simply put, a forum is a small group of YNG peers who meet regularly to exchange ideas and experiences on the issues that matter most to them. Forum also develops members’ active listening, coaching, small group leadership and conflict resolution skills.

Benefits of YNG London Forums include:-
-Peer support and networking
- Generous and open idea and experience sharing
- Lifelong friendships
- Developing key leadership skills

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We are currently in the middle of launching our second mentoring round. If you are interested in joining as either a mentor or mentee, please follow the link below.

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Forum Resources

If you are currently in forum and you want some help regarding forum procedure, planning a retreat, or getting in touch with a forum facilitator, please check out the documents provided or get in touch with the YNG London Forum Champion through the email below.

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